Zukii Shopper

Follow your favorite brands and stores to enjoy exclusive discounts, promos, and digital rewards.

  • Browse products
  • Contact stores through call or text
  • Follow your favorite stores
  • Easy 4 step product ordering
  • Real-time tracking of orders per store


Zukii Merchant

An exclusive online store for Sellers or Distributors with easy and simple user interface tools such as Product Management, Inventory and Order Management to help them start and grow their online business.

  • Zukii Merchant provides private app windows exclusive for all your store’s products
  • Zukii offers 24/7 window shopping & purchase transactions
  • Stay connected with your loyal customers


Zukii Logistics

This platform allows cost computations and basic fleet management for in-house riders or third party logistic partners.

  • Centralized routing Facility
  • Assign delivery schedules to riders
  • Delivery cost calculator